We bring you an entirely unique musical experience

Come and see us play and let our music do the talking!

We are Suzi and the Backbeats!

A Birmingham based cover collective band that boasts three, disgracefully talented, core members that make up the heart of the band, with a ridiculous, but undeniably fabulous, musical entourage of ten other key musicians that we frequently mix up, mess around, and create musical madness with!

Here’s where we convince you that you’ve just found everything you were looking for, and so much more!

Let us introduce you to Suzi on lead vocals, James as lead guitarist and our deep pocket drummer, Oli. Read more about our tribe on our ‘About Us’ page

A “Supergroup” for all intents and purposes, we bring you an entirely unique musical experience, tailor-made to make sure that who and what we bring appropriately knocks your socks off!

Giving you a fantastic contradiction of distinctive musical versatility, we hope to achieve something that defines our sound, but with songs you won’t believe you’re hearing or how we’ve pulled it off!

Whether you’re throwing the biggest birthday bash of the year, a small, intimate wedding reception, a first or even a 50th anniversary; we’ll create the atmosphere you want, a playlist you’ll love, with a lineup that you’ll struggle to forget.

Ever envisioned a cheeky rendition of DJ Fresh but with reggae and soul?What about a Beatles track stripped right back and roughed up with an original fusion of rock and blues?

Sound ominous? Don’t diss it ‘til you’ve tried it, you can trust us on that!

But don’t let us convince you, come see us play for yourself. The best way to get a feel for what we’re all about and to get a real sense of what we’re like on stage is to come and see us play and let our music do the talking.

Let us unleash our musical reinvention of some of the world’s favourite tracks, taking the songs that you love, and redefining why you fell in love them in the first place.

With a magnetic stage presence, and a raw energy that radiates through the crowd, we’ll give you a musical experience guaranteed to leave your tongue and tail wagging for more!

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We enjoy every minute of performing, and this certainly shines through when we’re on stage – or so we’ve been told anyway!

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